Cell Phone Policy

DecisionOne continues to review the way we operate internally in our Information Technology systems, and services. Our intention is to provide our employees and customers the most comprehensive services based on business requirements. As all of you are aware, DecisionOne implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy in an effort to provide greater mobile device choice to employees as well as reduces end-user mobile device complexity to our employees in determining the mobile device best suited for their needs based on position requirements.

As we continue forward in evaluating and enhancing our internal systems, we have determined that moving to a single mobile operating system platform best suits our future business requirements. This decision was made based on the functionality and ongoing support requirements to maintain our Information Technology systems and mobile application and the business requirements for the company moving forward.

To assist in meeting this new requirement, DecisionOne will be providing company mobile devices to those employees deemed eligible under the new mobile device policy. Employees eligible to receive company provided phones will receive notification via email including the new mobile device policy. The device will be shipped to your home address.

Please review and sign the new mobile device policy to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of using a company owned mobile device. Once Signed please email it to hr@decisionone.com and cellphonedistribution@decisionone.com Employees that receive a company phone will not continue to receive the phone stipend once the company phone is activated. Please ensure you take this into account when deciding on your personal phone plan.

If you have any questions, please contact

Aashish Shah

The Cell Phone Policy can be downloaded here.

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